Spent most of my time in World of Warcraft Saturday and Sunday. Among the highlights:

– My first PvP kill. Kat, Jude, and I were out minding our own, taking down bears and mountain lions when an Alliance guy over 10 levels higher than us came over and tried to provoke us. Like, stood in the middle of the corpses we were skinning, hoping we might accidentally click on him and thereby give him permission to hit back. We ignored him, until a fourth person around our level came over and decided to take his challenge. So, boom — we all turned on him and kicked his ass. He came right back to life and housed us because I didn’t realize how close his graveyard was. But still, for that fleeting moment, it felt good.

– Saw a player named Goldeelox being chased by a bear.

– Found two really useful websites that I didn’t know about before: WoWWiki, which just explains all the basic stuff that I should know about character progression, learning professions, and various other -essions; and wowecon, an auction house price database. Now that I’m getting up to making the good items as a leatherworker and a blacksmith, I try to play the market smart without ripping people off. That site’s going to help immensely.

I have too many alts. I get them up to 25 or so and then never get to enjoy the higher level aspects of the game. Inevitably we want to see how some other class plays. At the moment I’m leveling a Blood Elf rogue:

WoW Kimzey

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