She’ll come around

Kat is one of the most patient women in the world. She has never demanded that I give up a hobby, never expected me to throw away my video games — she’s only asked me to think critically about what I use and what I need. Do I need as many guitars as I own? No. Would I like to trade up for less guitars of better quality? Sure, that makes sense. But we both have our holy grails; I’ve lately been taken with the idea of getting a mythical Moderne, which designer Kat thinks is hideously ugly:

Kat is not alone in thinking it’s hideously ugly, but that’s kind of one of the reasons I like it. I’ve also talked about getting an Explorer for many years, which is significantly less ugly simply because it’s more familiar, and Epiphone makes a nice reissue in korina (which I really want) for a few hundred bucks. But Kat — who owns several basses, all of which are blue, green, or blue-green — has her lust objects too…

[11:54] Katrin Auch: so this is my Explorer
[11:54] DanAmrich: $2500
[11:54] DanAmrich: OMG
[11:54] DanAmrich: I really thought it was like $800
[11:54] Katrin Auch: It is the wow bang
[11:54] DanAmrich: well if you sell three of your other applications, you can get it
[11:54] Katrin Auch: Print, web and video
[11:55] Katrin Auch: lol
[11:55] DanAmrich: My explorer is $500 new, btw
[11:55] DanAmrich: $1250 if I get a real Gibson used
[11:55] Katrin Auch: I sort of meant holy grail
[11:55] DanAmrich: Bad analogy then. It’s your Moderne…the thing you can never have
[11:56] DanAmrich: I can have an Explorer by stopping by Gelb tonight 🙂
[11:56] DanAmrich: Because the Explorer is not ugly
[11:56] Katrin Auch: oh, you can have it, but why would you want it
[11:56] Katrin Auch: no it doesn’t
[11:56] DanAmrich: Nobody else will take care of it, appreciate it for WHAT IT IS!
[11:56] DanAmrich: White korina!
[11:56] DanAmrich: It’s going through that awkward design phase
[11:56] Katrin Auch: some guitars are too broken for life; the best thing you can do for them is put them down
[11:57] DanAmrich: Noooooooooo
[11:57] Katrin Auch: it’s better for everyone this way
[11:57] DanAmrich: If they made it in teal, you’d come around
[11:57] Katrin Auch: no, no I wouldn’t
[11:57] DanAmrich: If Kate Bush used one to do a cover of Indigo Girls songs, you’d come around
[11:58] Katrin Auch: no, no I wouldn’t

After 12 years of marriage, this is about as nasty as most of our “fights” get.

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