Presenting…Palette-Swap Ninja

So Jude and I got to talking, and then we got to laughing, and then we got to work. The result is a musical side project for video-game related parody songs under the name Palette-Swap Ninja. We have our own MySpace page but the songs are debuting exclusively on the OXM podcast. Our first track, a rework of the 1979 Rupert Holmes hit “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” that will only be even remotely amusing to people who know Viva Pinata, debuted this week as part of episode 58. I think it’s around 20 minutes into the show. Once it’s had a good run there, I’ll post it in full on MySpace so people can download it or link to it or what have you.

I like having an excuse to do this stuff. I’m hypercritical of anything I make, especially music, but this felt fun. My production skills are not so hot (they used to be good, when I was in college, but the tools are totally different now and I’ve done just enough to stay vaguely aware of what digital recording rigs should and can do) and we are just doing this for fun with the gear we have lying around our respective houses. In my case that’s an obscene amount of gear so it was finally nice to put it to some legitimate use. I know I’m spoiled, but when I hear a solo on record and think “That sounds like a Les Paul…I’ve got one of those, let me plug it in and see,” I find myself very grateful for what I’ve got.

Track #2 is already secretly underway in the Rainbow Dojo.

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