Had a cool, rare offer to go out drinkin’ with the crew from work tonight and, after planning to go all day, turned it down at the last minute. Got agitated, felt like going home to chill with Kat, and after two days of not much sleep, I just wasn’t in the mood to hit the town and be social. Hope nobody took it personally. Hope it wasn’t political suicide.

Those who have known me for a while I’m not one to overindulge in alcohol. Red Bull, maybe. But one drink is usually sufficient to make me pleasantly silly, and that one drink is usually something rugged and manly like a Cosmopolitan. And I have never been a fan of just going out to drink. I usually like to drink while doing something else, such as playing board games, parallel parking, or operating heavy machinery. I don’t even drink before getting on stage. I have enough trouble remembering the lyrics.

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