On gaming with dead goats

You know, I’ve said that I just don’t understand Sony’s approach to things lately. Lots of their decisions, both business and creative, have come under fire, and it’s fair to say that it’s been a case of kicking Sony when it’s down. It’s hard to resist a good “oh how the mighty have fallen” story, and gamers are a notoriously fickle lot anyway. They love to scream and yell about every injustice, real or perceived.

But seriously? Nobody thought that a slaughtered goat would, you know, be a bad PR move?

Now, by contrast, that doesn’t appear to be the whole story. Kotaku has asked Sony for its side of the story, and hey, I’m not surprised to see that things were taken out of context. Fair enough.

Still…by all accounts, God of War II is a stunner in its own right. Do you need a dead goat to promote?

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