Fast Times: The Remix?

Jude left for New Zealand a few weeks ago. Tim just called to let me know he’s leaving the band in July.

This is either my cue to step out as well (again) or to discuss a new direction with the folks who are left. I’m bored singing the same old songs. And we are never going to win the 80s cover band race in the Bay Area, because the bands that are more popular also have more powerful allies (ie, their are managed by the same people who own the biggest clubs). So we’re not going to get much more work or local fame than we do now. And if it ain’t fun…

All I can think of is the other things I should be doing. PSN is in my court. Helping with another person’s musical project is in my court. Doing a musical thing with Kat on the side is in my court. And beyond music, we get into the writing projects and staying current on my real job. When two days pass and I can’t play new games for no reason other than I’m too busy with other crap, there’s a problem. Games are my career. Games are my life.

We have a gig this weekend in Pleasant Hill. You might want to come just to be on the safe side.

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