No red? You’re dead.

Well. Called tech support and, after 55 minutes, was told that if I don’t have three red lights, I have to pay $99 for an out-of-warranty repair. This is not what Microsoft said last year, stating that any 2005-made units (like mine) would be repaired for free, without specifying what caused the problem. My tech support guy “didn’t have that information yet” and said he can’t help me until I get three red lights. Mind you, that information was released 11 months ago. But as you can imagine, my word against whatever info is accessible to the call support database…my word doesn’t stand a chance. But I’m not paying $99.

So. I can’t get help because my freezing, glitching, unplayable Xbox is not currently displaying three red rings. It’s very close to that, but it’s not there yet. So I’m in limbo until it totally fails…or I just tell them that it’s failed.

I did not identify myself as a member of the press (this is the 360 I camped out for and paid for with my own money; I’m just another consumer), but I’m glad I recorded the call. It will be good to have as reference as this develops.

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