OK, let’s tackle gamer ignorance

Wow. Reading the comments here, gamers are as passionate and quick to judge as they are completely wrong. OXM is biased, OXM is on the take, OXM has to give Halo 3 high marks or else they’re out of a job…same old allegations, absolutely no rational thought. I particularly liked the guy who said having OXM review Halo 3 is like having Cookie Monster review cookies. What, we should ignore it?

Of course, many of the dim-witted comments come from people who will proudly tell you that they don’t read OXM. Like, they see the scores on GameRankings, and that’s all they need to jump to a conclusion; never mind the words that explain the number, right? When they cite negative sources, they’re often outdated (stop barking about incremental 100-point scores, people, we gave them up in 2005). They read it when Halo 2 came out and didn’t like it, and surely nothing changes over a two-year period. When actual readers pipe up with complaints or comments or improvements or rants, I listen a lot more attentively. But if you boast that you don’t read the magazine, your smack-talk lacks smack.

In other words, if you don’t want to think for yourself, at least shut the fuck up. Sheep shouldn’t make this much noise.

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