The Keyboard of Evil

I like things that light up. Anyone who saw the setup in my old office at GamePro can attest to this. I had a nice blue neon thing going on. Today on the office “free table” I spotted something I lusted after about two years ago–the Deck keyboard. It got some bad reviews, has some serious ergo flaws and design decisions that make it less useful than a full-size keyboard (you put the delete key where?), and was pricey when it came out. The keys require a bit more “throw” to activate so my fingers get tired–but it lights up red! All over the damn place, including through the keys! It’s built to be modded but I think it looks cool as is. It’ll make a good keyboard for infrequent chatting, like on Xbox 360, or as a MAME machine keyboard, where looks are more important than function. And hey, the price was right. It’s going to a good home.

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