Xbox 360 31337 get

When I joined OXM, I was never actually issued a 360; I’ve been using I one I bought for myself as a regular gamer for both work and personal stuff. That’s okay. I never really asked for another one because I didn’t really care. Now that my red ring thing is over, I’m kind of happy to have weathered that storm. I also like the white hardware. I think the black console is a tired cliche at this point, so I always opt for non-black hardware when given a choice.

However, when a few consoles arrive from Microsoft and Fran says “This one’s yours for work,” well, I don’t say no.

What, you thought I’d get a new faceplate? Hell no. But it’s nice to know that if anything happens to the hardware, it’s on the company’s dime. That’s cool.

I did transfer my existing data over to the Elite, and I put Kat’s Gamertag on the white one. Now we have a 360 downstairs, in preparation for Rock Band. However, this means I cannot play my XBLA titles unless I’m connected to the internet, due to the DRM issue inherent in switching consoles. I’m not thrilled about that and I don’t think they will ever fix that issue, but I accepted it in exchange for less wear and tear on the Xbox I bought personally. I suppose I can always pop the 120GB drive onto my white system and everything would be peachy, but then anything I download from this point on will be tied to this Elite box. My XBLA library has two mommies.

And amazingly…this solved my Halo 3 problem. I can access the same save file now that it has been copied to a new hard drive. Could different drives (or different revisions of drives) be the culprit, as Paul suggested a few days ago (and I kind of ignored)? Unless MS plans to give out free transfer kits and new hard drives to every affected owner, the solution that worked for me is not an acceptible solution. I just got lucky but I still don’t have what I would consider to be an answer or an explanation.

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