New blog vs old blog

If you are mostly interested in my random thoughts about games, then you will probably want to check out the Xbox Soapbox at, where I will be blogging at least twice a week. Last week, due to the launch and some interesting news, it was almost daily. I suppose you’ll still find downright personal rants here.

I like the site. Traffic is still pretty light, as many people have so long ago given up on OXM even having a site that they no longer check. Fran mentioned it in her editor’s letter this month, and next issue we’ll have a big plug page for it. It will be interesting to see what hits and what doesn’t. So far, the GTA stuff is bigger than the Rock Band stuff, which surprised me, only because Rock Band is right now (and we have tons of content for it) and GTA is whenever they release it, and our online content is the same stuff we had in print.

I thought it was interesting that we got nitpicked for having “not the freshest content” on our site. That is, we archived our top-scoring reviews from the last year or so, we put up some of the best features that didn’t seem like they had expiration dates, and we did a handful of recent previews. Of course, had we not done that much, it would have been “there’s nothing at the site yet.” So it’s the classic internet “I want more and I want it free and I want to make fun of it because it’s not what I personally would have done and also I want more” mentality. That’s the hardest part for me — dealing with the cynics.

Beyond that, any weird thoughts on guitars will still appear here, and you still won’t care. But I like talking about that stuff, if only to myself.  🙂

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