Rock Band shenanigans

I admit it. I’ve had more time with Rock Band than most people, thanks to the review. But I couldn’t help myself from going on Live, going into Ranked guitar matches on Expert, and blowing people to smithereens. In consolation, everybody gets a 5-point Achievement (the last one on this list) because of my head start. But still. Fun, if not nice. But I can’t figure out if this blog post is boasting or apologizing.

My minor domination definitely won’t last; I’m not that good and everybody else has more time to become so much better. If anybody wants said 5-point Achievement, just let me know and we’ll arrange a time. It can be co-op quickplay, too. The game came out yesterday, so I’ll be one of the only sources for it for at least another two hours.

My bands, for the record, are Dogs of the A.M.S. (with Fran), The Band of Make-Believe (with Kat) and another TBA. It’s fun to be a fake-musical slut. I feel like Paul Carrack. (Only Andy will get that joke.)

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