MP3 of the Moment: Jeff Gertsmann edition

I haven’t said anything about the Jeff Gertsmann situation because I haven’t been able to keep up with it. We had two gigs this weekend and that’s where my head was at. Short version: If it’s true, fuck yes I’ll be angry. But I still don’t know all the facts, and I know I’m not a real journalist, but I do like facts before I fly off the handle. Right now it’s somewhere between a scandal, a suspicion, and an allegation.

I know Jeff has years of editorial experience, but to me, he will always be the rapping partner to fellow game critic Glenn Rubenstein in the earliest incarnation of rap/ska outfit Headboard. I bought Brendan Goes to College in 1996 in support of them, and honestly kinda dug it. In a very of-the-moment MP3 of the Moment, enjoy my favorite track from that album, “Mattress Disco.” Glenn is the lower voice (“It’s getting hot”) and Jeff is the slightly higher one (“So hot!”).

I’m not being ironic or making fun of anybody here. I not only found myself humming this track a lot when it was new, but I also give it up for any indie musician who is willing to put themselves out there. He left the band when Glenn got more serious about “making it” but it sure sounds like he’s having fun on this track.

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