Look quick, before I mess it up

I am so rarely organized, I thought it would be nice to capture the moment. I just reorganized my home office desk, which currently houses three computers:

The PC is underneath, out of frame. The laptop is covered in VH stripes on the left. Behind it is a Mac mini with an Mbox 2 Mini on top of it — and that was the reason for the reorg. Now that I’m using Pro Tools LE for my home recordings, I had to accommodate two studio monitors as well as the front speakers from the PC’s 5.1 setup…and the rear speakers from the console’s 5.1 setup (it’s directly opposite, so I can swivel 180 degrees and use either one). Somehow I managed to accomodate three mice, six speakers, two keyboards, a 24″ monitor, a Line 6 POD, and an animated femme fatale (those are Jessica Rabbit’s legs in the upper right) all on an Ikea Galant. Plus, there’s always a guitar to my right, which proves handy for those long WoW flights.

It’s only a matter of time before magazines and guitar picks and CD-ROMs and game controllers appear and ruin the whole system, of course. But that’s how I’ll know it’s mine.

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