Network Solutions: Bunchafuckheads

Kat’s found a domain she likes, but it’s taken. It’s not in use, but it’s taken. She’d like to buy the domain. The Whois info is complete…and completely wrong. The emails bounce; the phone number is disconnected. This, as you may have heard, is not only a pain in the ass but against the rules of owning a domain. You have to list your real name and your full valid contact info must be available, either in the WHOIS record itself or through your registrar (if you want them to filter out the junk and only contact you with serious business offers, security issues, etc). Logically, then, “contact the registrar” was the advice of friends.

Network Solutions says there’s no way to get in touch with the person. Like, they’d call them, but if the phone number is wrong, like, there’s nothing we can do, you know?

Um, wrong. Not only is there something you can do, it’s your fucking responsibility. ICANN, the fine folks subcontracted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, says so.

A complaint has been filed. The deadbeat now has two weeks in which to resolve the issue. Otherwise, the domain is stripped, and Network Solutions loses not one but two customers.


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