Fast Times Live!

I have had several thoughts that I wanted to share but don’t have the time to blog about. Twitter is becoming more and more useful for that stuff.

But a few folks recently said “I am sorry to hear you’re leaving the band, I never got to hear you sing live.” Well, there’s still a few chances — notably a Halloween show at Jillian’s at the Metreon in SF — and of course, the whole point of leaving the band is so I can focus on other musical stuff, so I’ll likely still be inflicting my voice on you in recorded form instead of in a club or at a casino. If I make anything I’m proud of, I’ll post MP3s.

But for those of you a bit further away who still wish you could have made it to a show, here’s a live medley I edited together, which was part of the band’s recent media kit refresh. This is straight out of the board at Club 88 at Cache Creek Casino from a two-night stand this summer, so it’s a pretty accurate representation of what we’re like live (though we couldn’t control the board mix and I was hoping a few things would be a bit more balanced). And now, it makes a nice audio time capsule for me as I exit.

Fast Times – Live Sampler 2008

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