Weird Al, live in 84

Wolfgang’s Vault is awesome, and I’ve heard some really great recordings of old concerts (look for the 1988 Prince’s Trust on there). But I didn’t expect this chestnut from 1984, where Weird Al, touring between In 3D and Dare to be Stupid, does songs he never recorded in the studio, including the ultimate Billy Joel dis and a surprisingly filthy take on Jim Croce. It’s also fantastic to hear “Polkas on 45” in front of an audience that has no idea what’s coming next. Every 15 seconds you can hear a cheer go up. (And when I was a kid, I never got that “Mr. Popeil” was a B-52s homage — it was just a funny song about all those TV commercials I saw between afternoon cartoons. I obviously get it now!)

Just another little bit of inspiration as I get my musical head together.

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