A serious question about PS3

Kat, as you know, is a gadget girl, but the whole lure of PS3 and Blu-ray has not been so shiny for her (even when they announced the very shiny release of Firefly). I suggested getting a console at launch, and for several months thereafter, particularly when they were still supporting backward compatibility via hardware. She used a cunning mix of logic and reason to argue that we don’t need one. I started doing a little research and found she was right — looking at the games, the movies, and the system capabilities, combined with my own entertainment habits, it’s not something I would use, whereas I boot up my 360 daily.

Or am I missing something, an appeal of the PS3 about which I’m simply unaware? So I wrote a really interesting and considered post asking for PS3 owners’ input.

Unfortunately it was so interesting that I reconsidered, removed it from this spot, and posted it over at OXM instead.

Nothing to see here. Please disperse.

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