Psycho 360…and puglilism!

Microsoft released a new backward compatibility update today, adding support for a boatload of excellent Xbox games that will now run on Xbox 360. Three of my favorite fighting games–DOA Ultimate, Soul Calibur II, and MK Armageddon–and the oft-cited Psychonauts are among the new batch. That last one is one that I’ve had for a long time and only played a little. I got bored with the hop-and-bop-and-collect thing and really lost my taste for what grew out of the “platform” genre, but Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine are not your average developers, and the game has a wonderfully twisted sense of humor that makes me really, really glad that it’s on the latest hardware, so more people might enjoy it. I’m gonna dive in and play.

And that’s the key…you have to play these games once they support them on 360. A lot of people like to make a lot of noise about “oh, this game’s not supported, neither is this one” but then they don’t actually play the games once they become compatible. I was not too far into my MKA career so I am tempted to restart that. And if you missed Psychonauts, why, you can buy it for full price and know that you’re doing a good thing. This one really was worth all the critical hype it got, even if the sales didn’t follow suit.

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