Another new PSwap track

Where have I been? I usually blog on or near the weekends, but lately all my weekends have been spent doing musical stuff. I’m writing my own songs, I’m getting ready for a public performance next month (nothing major, but a good confidence builder for me in a fun venue that hosts a weekly variety show — think open mic night with structure), and most recently I’ve been working hard with Jude on a new Palette-Swap Ninja track that we made in conjunction with the 100th episode of the Maximum PC podcast. I’m really enjoying being musically active at home and not having to lug gear around, but I do find it hard to work on more than one musical project at a time. Since we had a deadline for “Vista Drivers” I made that priority and put my other stuff on hold, but I’m messing about with the other stuff more today.

Jude and I are now brainstorming on future parodies. The one about Halo was a surprise hit (on our scale anyway). I don’t really know how many downloads or plays there were, because we only tracked our site’s 10,000 downloads, then Bungie mirrored it for who-knows-how-many impressions, then the YouTube clip got 60,000 hits, and just on alone it generated 160,000 plays in two weeks. So I guess we will see where it goes, but we have no real expectations (though I’d like to make some t-shirts just to have a souvenir of the whole project). We’re doing it because it’s fun, and it would be nice to have people recognize the name and go “oh yeah, they’re the funny gamer geek guys.” It’s also nice to be in charge of a creative project at the end of a long day at the office.

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