Spotted this in a recent issue of Guitarist, my favorite UK guitar mag: Flea is starting his own company, Fleabass, to produce bass guitars for his students. He runs a music conservatory, trying to pick up where public school music lessons (which put him on the path) have sadly left off. And after seeing the instruments people brought to class, he thought he could do better — solid stuff in two scales (34″ and a kid-friendly 30″), made with quality tonewoods (alder, rosewood), built to pro specs with a proper setup (this is still the single biggest problem with “starter” instruments), but stripped down with affordable prices for families.

That’s a noble goal and even better than a “signature” model (which he also has). I’ve seen some student instruments that are so bad that they actually discourage kids from playing so anybody who fights that fight is a good person in my book. But that’s not why I’m blogging about it. I’m blogging about it because I want one, and nobody who frequents my page should be surprised when they see the awesome candy colors, like green/pink, orange/yellow, or my fave, blue/orange:

Tell me that would not look perfect next to Lammy.

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