Christmas Eve with the DINKs

How do double-income, no-kids families spend Christmas Eve when their shopping’s all done?

– Go to Fry’s, which Andy once perfectly described as “the nerd supermarket.” It’s on our way to a destination a little later on in the day, so we swing in and I get a proper DVD burner for Kat’s system, which not only gives her core functionality but makes that front bezel all black now.

– Go to Watercourse Way. This is the main Kat & Dan Christmas Eve tradition: Hit the hot tub at the Zen spa. Super relaxing, super decadent.

– Go to Gryphon and drool over the guitars. Got to try out one I never thought I’d see in real life, a Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsay Buckingham, and a Taylor T5 Thinline Fiveway in Sage Green. Kat loved the finish, I loved the price (well, it’s a $3K guitar priced used for $1925–not that I’m ready to pay that, just that I’m happy to see that they sometimes do appear in stores, used). I actually have ideas of selling two or three of my guitars to get one T5, and if I do that, it would be this one. So it was really good that I was able to put my hands on one to properly fall in love and start mulling that over. Gryphon also has a cool machine: Insert an expired credit card, stomp on the foot pedal, and out pops a guitar pick. So I played with that for a while with a stack of expired cards that were lying around.

– Fancy dinner out at Boston Market

– Swing by Target to get a few necessities and see all the last-minute shoppers. There were a lot of people there, but it was actually pretty mellow.

– Home for some MMO time, then Miracle on 34th Street and waitin’ for Santa. I also said “Feliz Navidad” to my friend Jose Cuervo.
I know the holidays mean family to most people, whether they choose it to be that way or are forced. It means the same thing to me. This is just my definition of it.

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