Brain Wash

After getting addicted to Black Lemonade, I have come to really like Brain Wash soda from Skeleteens…so it makes sense that they don’t make it regularly any more. Among its charms: It tastes a bit like Sweettarts; it apparently has jalapeno in it for bite (and it does have bite); it is strongly caffeinated; and seeing as how it is blue soda, it also turns your tongue blue.

It does something else too, which you find out some time after drinking it. I don’t want to give away the surprise but it freaked me out.

Skeleteens is reportedly only doing occasional batches of blue Brain Wash, and I’ve seen red online but not yet in real life. I get mine at the local BevMo, but you can sometimes find it here too. And even I’m not paying for the rare Microsoft edition.

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