Two hens, one cock

Feathers, you dirty fuck. Look it up.

We’re still enjoying archery; Kat has gone so far as to name it a weekly activity. I’m looking for a heavier bow as I’m quickly growing accustomed to the 25# and would like to work my way up to the 38# we currently own — but I know I’m going to need something between those two. I have one in mind, just not ready to pull the trigger. Of course, bows don’t have triggers, so…

However, I can get extra arrows. I like arrows for the same reasons I like guitar picks: they’re sort of necessary, but they come in lots of pretty colors and they say something about you. When we started, we got a dozen Gold Tip Lightning carbon-shaft arrows from Pacifica Archery, split into two colors.

The red and white ones were Kat’s. The yellow and black ones were mine. Now, I like red and white too, but Kat didn’t like yellow and black for some reason. So okay. At 28″, these are technically youth arrows, but they match our bow and our draw, and carbon is a more sturdy option (compared to aluminum or wood) for recreational shooters like us.

So today I got some more arrows from an eBay seller. I asked for specific colors if they had them, because I was trying to match those orphan sets. I found out the arrows we like to use do not come in specific color combinations; they’re just a mix from the factory. But the person I got them from was super cool and put together a matched dozen.

These will no doubt be Kat’s arrows, because her favorite color is green (even though I’m the one that reads Green Arrow, thankyouverymuch). That relegates me to the mixed dozen, which is now the Van Halen dozen, for what should be fairly obvious reasons (but just in case, this and this is why). I get feathers, she gets plastifletch. That’s the price of fashion.

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