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Only YOU can break the cycle of boring annual games

Gather ’round, haters. It’s that time of year again, when idiots start celebrating an annual game that never changes. Seriously: Every year, it’s the same thing — and yet every year it seems like people are even more eager to throw their … Continue reading

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I wrote a book

It only took me eight years, but the book I’ve been chipping away at is not only done, it’s on sale today. Behold, Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living! Even better, I got to announce the project officially … Continue reading

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GamePro is gone

I read the news today, oh boy. I have mixed emotions, but then again, I’ve had mixed emotions about GamePro since I left in 2003. GamePro was seven years of my life, and they were alternately awesome and frustrating. Like any … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft Official Magazine: The Lost Bylines

I got my new issue of World of Warcraft Official Magazine this week — Volume 2, Issue 1. It’s got good content in there; I thought the story about people who play WoW in remote locations (from a trucker’s big rig, … Continue reading

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Trailers, tone, and expectations

Chances are good that you’ve seen the incredible Dead Island trailer that IGN posted this week. I had not heard of this game before, but apparently it’s been in development for several years. Really, all it took was that trailer, and … Continue reading

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A live-action Palette-Swap Ninja video!

We have finally shown ourselves.

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New Palette-Swap Ninja song: “Arcade Gaming Shrine”

Only took, like, 11 months to do my half of this song but it’s finally available. It’s an ode to the coin-ops Jude and I grew up with (and that he has since adopted for his basement arcade — it’s … Continue reading

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My Activision site is live

Go check out OneOfSwords and it will make me happy. Kat designed the site and I think she did a great job. Poke around; you’ll see the origin of the name in the About section. And if you follow OneOfSwords … Continue reading

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2010 Resolutions

For years I’ve sworn off of New Year’s resolutions. I always felt it was a way to set myself up to fail. But for some reason, this year, I have a few. Lose some weight. My new job will put … Continue reading

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WoW magazine sample — and a slippery slope

I was very happy to see that the 40-page free sample of the World of Warcraft magazine was posted online at last. It was hard working on that project and not being able to show anybody what was taking so … Continue reading

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