The blog puzzle heats up

So a few people have taken the bait on the blog puzzle in earnest, and I realized that it might be less fun to solve than I had intended. (I do like stumping people, but I really like it when people come up with the right answers — impossible stuff is simply no fun, because there’s no sense of accomplishment from failing forever.)

Another thing to keep in mind is that the puzzle was designed for people who know me fairly well in real life. I really only intended this blog to be of interest to old friends from high school and college and other long-lost contacts on the east coast. This was before Facebook made staying in touch annoyingly easy, but the puzzle was written in 2006 and did assume personal familiarity in its context.

I have therefore added a little more information to the page, which will hopefully help. Or perhaps it will simply confuse you more.

The previous hint stands: Consider the source.

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