A Dorito Called Quest

Finally, someone has made snack food mysterious. Anybody who knows me and my puzzle nature will not be surprised to learn that I was thrilled to find a glossy black back of Doritos called QUEST in the grocery store last night. There was some sort of code embedded in the bag’s graphics — some of the triangles are colored, some are not. Some are inverted, some are not.

Cryptic chips? Oh hell yes. Sign me right the fuck up.

Sure enough, you start by guessing the flavor. Go to the website and you don’t even have to guess if you sit there long enough. The site starts giving you letters in the word, Hangman-style. Kat and I tried the chip (after reading the ingredients, which made it clear that there was something citrus involved) but didn’t even get a chance to figure it out before the site spoiled it.

After rolling our eyes at the answer, we got into Myst-style puzzles. I won’t spoil anything because it’s free to play and those of you out there who like puzzles the way I do will want to just have a go at them. But the bottom line is that it’s a treasure hunt contest with $100,000 at the end of it, and while I know I’ll never win, I love playing. Even when it’s just marketing.

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