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One of the many ways I’m sick

Every time I hear a long, drawn-out horn honk from the passing traffic outside, I secretly pray for it to end in a sickening crunch.

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Spam hurts everyone (some more than others)

I’m sorry to see any print publication go down because of its parent company’s online idiocy. Computer Games Magazine and Massive are being shuttered because its parent company, TheGlobe, got hit with a lawsuit for spamming MySpace. It’s got to … Continue reading

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Take Your Whiskey Home

Does any band hate its fans more than Van Halen? First they announce the tour. Then the tour is postponed. Then they’re not going to play at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony and Velvet Revolver will play … Continue reading

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Like rape, only with game news reporting

Man, I really don’t want this blog to turn into “Dan complains about the state of game coverage” but while most people were (rightfully) keeping up with GDC events, something horrifying finally happened. I have always feared a day when … Continue reading

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T-ness envy

The Fender Stratocaster is widely copied because it’s a great guitar design. Ditto the Les Paul — timeless and brilliant. Basically, if someone tries to copy your guitar and thereby copy your success, you know you’re in the upper echelons … Continue reading

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Here’s a fun one from the gang at Mind Candy. Slamboozled is a little bit Brain Age, a little bit game show, a little harder than you expect. Hey, you’ve got to get ready for season 2 of Perplex City … Continue reading

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WonderCon 2007

Haven’t been to a comic convention in a while, but some friends reminded me that WonderCon was this weekend and I now live so close to downtown SF that I really had no reason not to go. I am up … Continue reading

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What’s in a Gamertag?

Very good article from the gang at GamesRadar. “And don’t be fooled,” warns Charlie Barratt. “Anyone who chooses a bunny for their tag is trying to project reproductive prowess, not speed or cuteness.” I could go into a dissertation about … Continue reading

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The difference between news reporting and not

Happy March. What an interesting day yesterday was. First, Kotaku got a rumor and made it into a responsibly worded rumor news story through good old-fashioned piecing it together. They did such a good job that Sony promptly severed all … Continue reading

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So long, broadcast. Hello again, iPod.

95.7 Max FM, my local “Jack” station — the mostly automated format that plays a shuffle of popular music from the last four decades or so — was compelling enough to cause me to cancel my satellite radio subscription. I … Continue reading

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