Take Your Whiskey Home

Does any band hate its fans more than Van Halen? First they announce the tour. Then the tour is postponed. Then they’re not going to play at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony and Velvet Revolver will play for them instead. Then they’re not even going to attend. Then some of them are. Then the rest of them suggest they might. Then Eddie realizes he’s still drunk.

Kat sums it up perfectly: “That message seems so sincere, and then the copyright notice at the bottom made it feel icky.”

I guess I’ve just been burned too many times, but I don’t know if it’s genuine or not. This gives Ed a convenient excuse to sidestep the entire Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony altogether and change is label from “asshole” to “tortured artist who needs our support now more than ever, get well soon our ailing comrade, we salute you for getting your life back together.” Cue Velvet Revolver.

And hey, maybe rehab should have been considered before all these other moves? Maybe the friends and family members and accountants that will inevitably benefit from a comeback/reunion/tour/sign of life could have had a goddamned intervention to save Ed before allowing all these plans to be announced?

Guess “Runaround” isn’t just a single from 1991.

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