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Van Halen US tour

I’m there. San Jose, 11/29. You comin’? Might as well…JUMP!

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In Crazy Christian Spam We Do Not Trust

I got this spam mail from my mom. Today I picked up at Bank of America several of the new $1.00 coins with the picture of George Washington on it. To my shock and dismay the words, “In God We … Continue reading

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No red? You’re dead.

Well. Called tech support and, after 55 minutes, was told that if I don’t have three red lights, I have to pay $99 for an out-of-warranty repair. This is not what Microsoft said last year, stating that any 2005-made units … Continue reading

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Uh oh

This, I believe, is a bad sign: I was all excited about the BioShock demo, so I turned on my 360, started the download, and…that’s what I got. Last time I saw that on a retail unit, it was terminal … Continue reading

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I’m disappointed in all of you.

I wanted to wait at least a year before bringing this up. Isn’t anybody going to take the bait?

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Freddie King

Goddamn. (Thanks to HotRats at RRC for the heads-up.)

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California Extreme 2007 rocks

It’s a very good show this year. I mean, it’s always a good show, but I really had a blast this year, played a lot of games that you simply can’t find anywhere else or enjoy in their original incarnations. … Continue reading

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Escape from LA

This is the second time LAX simply didn’t want me to leave. 8:40am flight, cancelled, found out as I was checking in at 7:49 that I was booked on a 7:49 flight instead. Went on standby on a noon. Noon … Continue reading

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Fast Times @ Great American Music Hall

Oh yes. As recently mentioned, we’ve been invited to share the esteemed Great American Music Hall stage with Sing Blue Silver (a Duran Duran tribute from members of Stung and For the Masses) and Japanese Baby (a tribute to the … Continue reading

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My mom didn’t like comic books — too much violence, she reasoned — so no Superman or X-Men for me. Occasionally, Archie or, if I was lucky, Scrooge McDuck Adventures. Sigh. But, to her credit, I only climbed up on … Continue reading

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