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I’d rather die on my feet…

…than live on my knees, as the old saying goes. Unfortunately it’s my knees that are killing me. Some years ago I was diagnosed with bursitis in my right knee, and I’ve been good about not putting myself at risk … Continue reading

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“My Sweet Lord” is making people angry. I just keep thinking about how I used to give up chocolate for Lent.

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5150 360 II

I have been thrilled with the Van Halen striped faceplate that Greg made me, so I asked him to whip up a companion for it. Now nobody will ask which controller is mine: Even though I have the console faceplate … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Jamie

A nice perk of the Boston trip: I got to have breakfast with Jamie, who is now a happily-married doting dad of a 4-year-old cutie. We caught up and had fun; I only wish I’d thought to have someone take … Continue reading

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Flight delays

I am starting to think I’m cursed. I’m currently sitting in Logan International Airport, stuck again by a delayed flight. The last four trips I’ve had, the flights have been delayed by at least two hours. I guess if you’re … Continue reading

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PT pix at last

Kat for the photographic win. Yes, it’s just a PT Cruiser. But it’s our PT Cruiser, and it will soon be a PT Cruiser sporting vinyl “ghost flames” on the front fenders. Hells yeah. It’s gray with green undertones…the dash … Continue reading

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End of a GamePro era

GamePro has finally dumped the tradition of personas. Writers will now work under their real names. This is a good thing, and long overdue. I enjoyed being Dan Elektro and Bad Hare, but it was harder to be a cartoon … Continue reading

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A busy week or so

Saturday: Private gig at swanky SF museum Sunday: In the office for several hours (fun, but still) Monday (todayish): Rehearsal Tuesday: Genesis concert Wednesday: Redeye flight to the east coast Thursday: Business in Boston Friday: Fly home; evening online play … Continue reading

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Taylor electric not get…not yet

I am so ridiculously excited about Taylor entering the solidbody electric guitar business, I can’t express it. I also can’t explain it, because it’s just a hunk of lumber with pickups, and I have a few of those. But seeing … Continue reading

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Arcade shoes get

I know I promised photos of the new car, but I’ve been working late so the only time I can snap a photo is at night, and those shots came out poorly. Even now, as the sun shines, Kat is … Continue reading

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