Cheer up, gamers!

I am a positive person. I love me some brutal sarcasm, but at my core, I really do look on the bright side.

In the game industry, I am apparently alone. Every new product announcement, every bit of news, every fresh screenshot or video is seemingly greeted with scorn, or mild disapproval, or outright dismissal. There’s always room for something negative, justified or not, and these rejections are rarely built on any sort of research or first-hand experience.

If there is one thing that makes me want to seriously, once-and-for-all, pack up my shit and go back to reviewing music — or switch careers altogether, for fear that this poisonous opinion-mongering is utterly widespread in our cynical media age — it’s this trend of “hate first, think later.” And it’s only getting worse, as more and more outlets think they have something to prove, rather than a reader to serve. Cool kids? They hate stuff. Really cool kids don’t feel anything one way or the other. Apathy is the ultimate review. You, game industry, will never win their love. Perhaps you should stop trying, too.

I expect that if that day ever comes when I do get so frustrated that I need to beat feet outta town, many negative things will be said about all the opinions I’ve ever published in the past, from a bunch of people who have never actually read them.

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