EW screws up gaming coverage…again.

Hopes of mass-market gaming love…dashed again. The Halo 3 juggernaut approaches and therefore the mass media is starting to notice that there’s something going on in gameland and hey, maybe we should pay attention just in case? So Entertainment Weekly sent someone up to Bungie for a thoroughly insight-free article that includes this gem:

That attitude is no doubt music to the ears at Microsoft. Word in the gaming industry is that Bungie’s corporate parent is counting on Halo 3 to drive sales of the pricey Xbox 360 game console and fend off competition from Sony’s poorer-selling but graphically superior PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s monstrously egalitarian Wii.

Yeah, that’s right. He just called the $350 Xbox 360 “pricey” in the same breath as the $600 PS3, and I guess my eyes are lying to me when they fail to detect any appreciable graphical difference between 360 and PS3 software. Ah, but what do you expect but press-release bias from someone who never covers video games? Yep, he’s a music and movie reviewer from the Northeast. Good reviews on the stuff he knows, but this is just uninformed.

Where’s Geoff Keighley when you need him? He’s written for EW several times before. Guess he was busy and Neil wasn’t.

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