Xbox 360 wireless

I am a wired kinda guy. I prefer physical Ethernet cables. But I do have a wireless network in my house and I use it; it makes things easier when I’m working on a laptop on the couch, or want to patch my MAME machine with XP updates or whatever. But now that the white Xbox 360 is down in the living room, far far away from my router, I decided to cave and get the $100 wireless doohickey.

I wasn’t expecting a fight, but still…when something’s really easy, I appreciate it. The thing searched for my networks, showed me the options, let me tap in my password, and that was it. I did it in expectation of Rock Band in a few weeks, figuring we might want to play downstairs and/or Kat and do her own career on whatever instruments she wants on her own Xbox.

So…yeah, expensive as 802.11g dongles go. But at least it works flawlessly.

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