Disney gets dark

I love going to Disney parks. I also love hearing what it’s like to work at Disney parks, the sordid tales from within the iron-fisted corporate empire of happiness.

A visitor spammed sent me this link to a blog in response to some of my earlier Disney posts. It’s a well-written tale of life as a photographer peon within the Magic Kingdom, and all the changes that come from moving from the scar-filled world of action-sports to the scrubbed and sparkly Disney Experience, chronicling the drug use and homosexuality that he found along the way.

Is it all true? Probably, yeah. And if it isn’t, hey, the melodrama is genuine — you’ll enjoy rolling your eyes at the thoughts of an adorably anti-establishment guy who once had “fuck you” shaved into his beard but was too naive/dumb to consider that Disney was, you know, strict about things like employee appearances. Even I could tell you that, and I’m just a visitor. That’s basic pattern recognition — just look around the park’s Cast Members and play Spot the Individual. You’ll lose every time.

If you like your Disney with a little dirt (and some NSFW images), click here.

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