OXM: My angel investor

By the way, if anybody’s wondering “Since when do you have the scrilla to shop for a $2K acoustic,” here’s the answer:

Not only was I ready to upgrade from the starterish acoustic I’ve had for 15 years, but I had the good fortune to do something I’ve never done as a freelancer: back-to-back cover stories for Official Xbox Magazine. I jumped on a last-minute flight to Chicago for the Mortal Kombat Armageddon feature for the September issue and then got the chance to swing down to SoCal and talk to the Tony Hawk’s Project 8 team for the October issue. The one-two setup struck me when I found the issues side-by-side in Target and I was suddenly very proud. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic.

It was a pretty intense one-two punch that took up a lot of weekend time, so Kat said “When that check comes in, you deserve something special–what about the acoustic?” So we earmarked a chunk of the check. The rest goes to bills.

I am reminded frequently that this splurge is a splurge to last a lifetime, and this will not be standard operating procedure…

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