Apparently, Sony is awesome (updated)

I went on a podcast and tried to be open-minded about what Microsoft is doing right and wrong. Brett from GamesRadar was on too, and he did the same for Nintendo. The guy from the PS3 site? Totally different agenda. I didn’t know this until he told me on the show, but apparently Sony can do no wrong, and everything Microsoft is doing, Sony is also doing, but better. All we were missing was face paint and foam fingers.

The first few minutes are particularly interesting and testy, because it starts with some good ol’ fashioned “PS3 is great because 360 is not” rhetoric. And I trust him, because he spent a lot for his home theater setup.

Check it if you like.

EDIT TO ADD: I’ve listened to the show again, and maybe I’m being a too mean-spirited in this post. In all fairness, Glenn is just speaking his mind, and he feels passionately. That’s cool. I just don’t agree with some of his bigger points. I do think the pricing is still a hurdle for PS3; 360 has a lower entry price point, so while PS3 may be equal price/value when you add hard drives and stuff, the 360 looks like a better deal if you look quick. Consumers are price-motivated. If 360 looks cheaper than PS3, you can’t blame them for leaning toward saving money…even if it is in the short-term.

I also think that Blu-Ray is a rather strong lure for people as the high-def disc war shakes out. And I do want a PS3, but I want more than a handful of downloadable games to really get me stoked for it. I wouldn’t recommend anybody buy 360 just for XBLA, even though I like it a lot, you know? I really, really want Everyday Shooter. I would like to try Calling All Cars, as a longtime Jaffe fan (War of the Monsters — underrated!). But I feel strange buying a $400 console for $20 worth of software, plus a bunch of potential. I’m looking for more big hooks. They’re coming. When they do, I’ll buy in.

But even though I disagreed, I didn’t want to interrupt him during his explanations, so I just let the discussion flow naturally, like a polite guest.

The thing that stuck with me is that while I was saying “you’re right, that’s a weak point” for a lot of Microsoft stuff, and Brett was offering Nintendo flaws, I didn’t hear Glenn suggest anything that the PS3 had to work on. Listen for yourself — when does he suggest “you know, yeah, PS3 has some work to do here”? Pricing is not an issue. Blu-Ray isn’t really a factor. Media playback is a dream. Meanwhile, he offers that Live is “borked for a month,” 720p content on Marketplace isn’t good enough to be called HD, and he makes 360 networking sound like a Vista-fueled hassle.

I respect his differing opinions and he explained them eloquently. But I still don’t agree with them, and I don’t feel he discussed both good and bad points of his favorite platform on that show. I thought that was the spirit of the discussion, going into it. That’s all.

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