A prime number (and an MP3 of the Moment)

So yeah, I’m 37 now. Fuck. To quote my idol since boyhood, Tom Lehrer, “It’s a sobering thought, for example, that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years.” I’m milking that one all year long. That and the Holy Grail sketch with Dennis. Though Andy Eddy, who recently turned 50, said he just leveled up to be a Lv 50 Nerd. I liked that. The first word I said when I woke up was “Ding!”

I go between being really excited and really shy on my birthday; usually, the even years are stoked and the odd years are quiet. This is an odd year, so it was low-key. I’m on crazy deadline so now’s not really the time to celebrate anyway. I wish I hadn’t gotten hit with insomnia last night, but other than that, no complaints.

The holiday came with some loot. My parents got me a good book, Kat got me some Portal swag and I’m using some gift certificate money to get a new keyboard. My beloved Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro is excessively loud when I type – like hail on a tin roof. (Those of you who have been near me when I type know the legends are true.) It’s actually been keeping Kat awake at night, so I’m going to try the Natural 4000 and hope that makes everybody happy.

Kat also made me a cake. It wasn’t a lie. It was a triumph, huge success, so delicious and moist, ad nauseam.

Meanwhile, Andy turned me onto this band Spookie Daly Pride a few years back and I feel compelled to share their Birthday Song on this Very Special Occasion. Enjoy as my bootleggy gift to you, and remember, if you dig it, buy it. The whole album’s awesome.

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