Fast Times live in SF April 25

We have a lot of gigs coming up in the next six months, and you won’t be able to see most of them. They’re private shows or weddings or casino gigs out in the tribal-owned areas of California, and while you’re certainly invited, I doubt many of you will want to make the trek. But we do have a show coming up in about two weeks, on a Friday night in San Francisco. And if you click this, you’ll get a nice big PDF that you can print out and give to all your friends.

The easiest way to give you directions is “it’s literally across the street from the In & Out Burger up near Fisherman’s Wharf.” And there is a dress code which is, from my understanding, to discourage gangs.  Those vicious, elderly-tourist Fisherman’s Wharf gangs. But they will turn you away without a collared shirt — they did it to both band friends and family members.

Those of you of a geeky persuasion may check out the alternate poster, but don’t get your hopes up — it’s just a reference, not a promise of performing the song.

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