Retro day

When game nerds take a day off from work, they play games. (Well, and they play their Taylor, which I cannot keep my hands offa.) Two oldies caught my attention today:

1) Doom, freshly released for Xbox Live Arcade. With no maps designed for deathmatch,it’s really only fun as a co-op or single-player experience, so I started single-player and…man, I remember where some of the stuff is, but not all. What I’m surprised at is how much fun I’m having. I thought it would be like Scramble, where I tried it and went “Yeah, that’s old and busted.” But Doom somehow seems a bit futureproof. Killing imps is still fun. Even if, um, I do have it already as a bonus game on Doom 3.

2) BloodStorm. I have had a strange fascination with this one for a while but I haven’t played it much. It’s not quite the sequel to Time Killers, but it’s from the same company mining the same gory territory. Fighters each have a gauntlet on their arm which does special stuff like stab you in the face or stab you in the neck. It’s a bad, unbalanced fighting game with cheesy AI–but even without a move list or knowing all the secret stuff that’s hidden in there, I really enjoyed banging away at it and reveling in the cheese. Somewhere in my junk I have a little official booklet with all the rare game info in it that Strata sent out to the press. I’ve also, for some reason, found the marquees for both BloodStorm and its alternate, friendlier name The Storm. Kat is of course very proud to be co-owner of said artifacts.

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