I dabble in Wikipedia but I honestly haven’t done much with it. But when I realized that people like Todd Mowatt had entries as video game critics and Andy Eddy didn’t, I had to do something about it. Please make it better. I still don’t know how to add his photo, but I do have one that I took and am willing to release to public domain. I focused on establishing facts that would show Andy actually is important, because if you don’t, the editors like nothing more than to delete pages.

Speaking of which, I want to save the Flux page. The magazine was cited pretty majorly in JC Herz’ book Joystick Nation, which I do not own — but if someone can add that reference, it might keep the page alive and make it relevant. It was basically the first gaming lifestyle magazine, but we didn’t call it that at the time — it was “the anti-Details” and was ahead of its time in 1994. I think that’s important enough.

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