Gibson Grabber II…fail

Remember the Gibson Grabber bass? No? Chances are if you do, it’s because it showed up in one of the Guitar Hero games as an unlockable bass. Design-wise, it’s pretty clearly a response to the Music Man Stingray (visually) and the dominant, no-frills Fender Precision (electronically). Slightly ugly, somewhat superfluous, and no competitive threat, it was only made for two years before slinking back into the shadows.

Well, until Gibson decided to reissue it in a limited edition of 350 pieces and jack the price up to $3000. I understand it’s a very limited run and the pricing reflects that, but…well, I suppose the marketing team had to find a way to turn “this bass was a flop” into “a classic, well-kept secret.” Still, at this price and with this little collectible flash (black and black? That’s the best you could come up with? Even the originals were a distinctive natural), I think the Grabber II is destined for the same fate as the original Grabber: Semi-obscurity.

Better to make it a production model for Epiphone and let the next generation call this ugly duckling their own, I think. Then again, if they like it, they’re just going buy an original for $800, tops. So…Gibson fail.

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