Temporarily unemployed…

…and loving it! This is not a surprise nor is it a hardship; my company has enacted a furlough, which I really like much more than being laid off, so I have the next week off. At this stage in my stress level, when someone says the phrase “mandatory vacation without pay,” the only word I hear is “vacation.”

I took time off over Christmas and never got to do all the things I wanted to do, so my list of things that I’m looking forward to includes some of those. My to-dos include:

– Playing drums. I got a nice book of Beatles drum tabs for Christmas and never got a chance to try it out.

– Reading a book. I’m almost done with Soon I WIll Be Invincible and I am loving it. I’m gonna tear through it and dive into one of the other seven books in my pile shortly thereafter.

WoW. Duh.

Mass Effect. I wasn’t on the right wavelength when this came out, so I played a bit and skipped it. Fallout 3 showed me that I can enjoy long RPGs, so I’m picking up where I left off.

Pure, Peggle, Unreal Tournament III and a whole mess of other games I never got around to completing.

– Finishing the next Palette-Swap Ninja song. It’s close and it’s mostly in my court, so I hope to have a release out by next week.

– Songwriting. I have taken the last few months to really think about what I want to do and I’ve given myself permission to fail. So I am setting myself a goal of three songs — not necessarily recorded, but written and performable if Kat asks. I have a lot of partial ideas and little riffs and I am happy to have this opportunity to put them together into cohesive wholes.

– Watching some movies and TV shows that I have missed.

– Working on two secret projects that I’ve been chipping away at for months now. No better time, really.

Technically, I suppose I could try to score some freelance work…but why create more hassle? I’m going to be plenty busy.

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