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Dan’s tips for social media success

People have asked me if I plan to write a book about being a community manager and using social media to follow up Critical Path. Nope. Critical Path came from leveraging 15 years of experience, after which I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Farewell Activision & LA, hello Ubisoft & SF

I’ve got a new gig! In early April, I will start at Ubisoft as Community Developer for Studio SF, the team behind Rocksmith & Rocksmith 2014. This is awesome for several reasons. First of all, anybody who knows me knows … Continue reading

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The Universal Truth of Ellen Page

Twenty-five years ago it was “Be excellent to each other.” Forty-five years ago it was “All you need is love.” Guess it was time for another reminder. Tucked within Ellen Page’s speech was a universal truth: “You’re here because you’ve … Continue reading

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Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining linguistics

Language is alive. Language evolves. Words gain different contexts, alternate meanings, new layers of subtlety. But just so we’re clear: “Gay,” when used in a negative judgmental context, is still something to avoid. Saying something undesirable is “gay” still draws … Continue reading

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Kickstarter, I shop you

As I have mentioned before, I like Kickstarter. I regularly say that I shop on Kickstarter. According to a recent blog from the team at Kickstarter, I am wrong. It’s hard to know how many people feel like they’re shopping … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays, and I mean it

I have always been a Christmas guy. I grew up in the suburbs where most houses strung lights across the roof, and I loved going around at night to see them. My parents used to take us for drives in … Continue reading

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The origins of #GratefulWed

I was sick a fair amount as a kid — I always had a bug. And I remember one day thinking, “Man, I will be so happy when this is gone.” And I held myself to that — I realized … Continue reading

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OK, LA isn’t THAT bad

I’ve moved since the last post and the new place has improved my state of mind considerably. I am one of those people who is not happy unless I am happy in my physical space. The new digs are much … Continue reading

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LA sucks

So, 10 months in, the new gig is working out. Activision has my back and has given me incredible freedom and autonomy. I’m almost my own boss. I am seeing what I do have a positive effect, internally and externally, … Continue reading

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Zazzle, round two

This time they told me I don’t own something I created. Please envision this FUCK YOU in much larger letters, possibly blinking.

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