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Juggling copywrongs

My recent explorations into copyright and use of recorded material has made my head spin. But I didn’t get actually nauseous until I got this note in my email regarding this summer’s upcoming International Jugglers Association convention and competition: IJA … Continue reading

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Blind girls don’t say no?

Here’s the worst thing you will hear of this week. All month, god willing. Not for the squeamish.

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As a juggler, I have battled gravity for years and won, but today, gravity got a 1up. Playing basketball in the weekly Future lunchtime game, I came down hard and felt a movement in my ankle that can only be … Continue reading

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Cheer up, gamers!

I am a positive person. I love me some brutal sarcasm, but at my core, I really do look on the bright side. In the game industry, I am apparently alone. Every new product announcement, every bit of news, every … Continue reading

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Battling Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada

I have a “thing” for real objects from fake worlds. On my desk at work I keep a model of the puzzle box from Hellraiser. I searched high and low until I found Marty McFly’s baseball cap from 2015. And … Continue reading

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Pinatas and parodies

Due to the very minor success of Palette-Swap Ninja’s first release — now available for download — I have spent a few days looking into the legality of parody songs. This was encouraged by, um, Future’s lawyer, and rightfully so. … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero 360 bugs

Tried to do some co-op with the OXMmers tonight to unlock some of those juicy two-player achievements; there were about eight profiles/gamertags between two memory units and a hard drive. End result: 70 points, two corrupted save files (including the … Continue reading

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New Fountains of Wayne today

Fountains of Wayne makes me so happy I cannot express it. Clever pop is proof of the existence of a higher power. New album Traffic and Weather is out today, and it’s the first time I think I’ve pre-ordered an … Continue reading

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Shame on you, Guitar Hero fanboys

Why is this 900-Diggworthy news when it was on page 62 of OXM’s March 2007 issue, which came out in early February? This thrilling information is two months old, and their version lacks quotes from the development team. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Urgh! A (Gaming) Music War

The day before Guitar Hero II drops for 360, Harmonix (developer of GH1 and 2) and their new publishing partner EA announced that they will release Rock Band by the end of the year. Rock Band is basically “Band Hero”: … Continue reading

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