Spinal Tap is back!

My old pal Greg Mann sent me a news story about Spinal Tap getting back into the studio to record a new album. Seeing Tap live in 1992 is still one of my greatest thrills; I have one of Nigel’s picks. The world has been woefully without Tap, and this album will surely be one of the highlights of my year. With the Ghostbusters game shaping up so nicely and Van Halen also threatening to get back into the studio this fall, it’s a good year for 80s comebacks.

The NME story in turn linked to a recent interview Nigel did with National Geographic, wherein he reveals that Stonehenge was not built by aliens, but by a very strong man named Duncan. He also uses an Ernie Ball Albert Lee model to transmute objects and speaks to a potato. Naturally, you must watch this.

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