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California Extreme 2009 report

It was another great show as usual. Parking was easier; the hall was just the right size. And amazingly, it was near a Bennigan’s, which I didn’t think existed any more. I had fun losing the trivia contest for the … Continue reading

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California Extreme 13 this weekend

This weekend is the annual California Extreme arcade show. Picture a giant room with about 300 classic coin-operated videogames and pinball machines all set to free play. Some are rare (Jungle King was there last year) and some are uber-rare … Continue reading

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California Extreme 2008

Most of Saturday was spent wandering around the Tech Museum in San Jose, playing old-school pinball machines and video games. I go every year and I’ve raved about it before. This year was no exception; I saw a lot of … Continue reading

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California Extreme 2007 rocks

It’s a very good show this year. I mean, it’s always a good show, but I really had a blast this year, played a lot of games that you simply can’t find anywhere else or enjoy in their original incarnations. … Continue reading

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California Extreme 2007 – Aug 11

It’s next weekend. Tickets are available now, and there’s usually a long line on-site, so it’s definitely better to preorder and pick up at will-call. Several hundred coin-ops and pinball machines on free play (including several prototypes and rarities), plus … Continue reading

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The Pinball Hall of Fame

Most folks don’t even know such a thing exists, but exist it does, in a tiny non-descript strip mall in Las Vegas (as opposed to all those descript strip malls in Las Vegas). Kat was heading to Sin City for … Continue reading

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From gamer to shamer

I went to theater today to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and, while waiting for the show to start, I pulled out my DS Lite and played some Tetris DS. A guy sat in the chair next to … Continue reading

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Halcyon Dreams: Kat & Dan’s Experience on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Before we start, a spoiler warning – for everything. Whether you read this blog or listen to the podcast version, we’re going to be revealing deep details from the Galactic Starcruiser experience as well as diving into the occasional behind-the-scenes … Continue reading

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Housing ho!

We’ve finally started looking for a house. I cannot be trusted with the family finances, so Kat wisely stepped in several years ago, assessed the debt, started eliminating credit cards, paying off student loans, and even getting consolidation loans to … Continue reading

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