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The Ellipsis of Fuck You

Okay, gamer rant time. There’s this thing that I’ve complained about before that is still happening and still pisses me off to absolutely no end. Apparently me ranting about it once three years ago did not make it go away … Continue reading

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How to get rid of a lot of videogames

Yesterday was my last day at Future. Today I am unemployed. In January, I start at Activision. I am stoked. I’m going on to an amazing opportunity; I have confidence that I am the right person for this job; I … Continue reading

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A new job? According to Craigslist…

I got a new job. Personally, I thought I’d keep it quiet — you know, the first issue of the magazine hasn’t been printed yet, people have paid in advance, and they haven’t seen anything for it. We are going … Continue reading

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No longer in danger of getting freebies through my job, I went for the PC version of Borderlands when Kat showed an interest in playing co-op. Kat is a mouse/WASD person and is not comfortable with console controllers, but in … Continue reading

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Kat vs. Plants vs. Zombies

When PopCap brought out Plants vs. Zombies, their cute take on tower-defense games, I was hooked like everybody else. Well, everybody else but one person: my wife. I got the PC version, and she played a little bit before grabbing … Continue reading

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I finally caved a few weeks ago. I was looking for an excuse to get one last year but could not find one, but the price drop and redesigned new unit were enough to push me over. Kat (who actually … Continue reading

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The Pinball Hall of Fame

Most folks don’t even know such a thing exists, but exist it does, in a tiny non-descript strip mall in Las Vegas (as opposed to all those descript strip malls in Las Vegas). Kat was heading to Sin City for … Continue reading

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When technology gets jealous

I finally caved today and got a PS3. I had been waiting for the price drop, and then I was looking for an excuse. I finally stopped looking, and with Kat’s suggestion, pulled the trigger. I am heading on a … Continue reading

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I am not “Dan OXM”

But some Xbox Live scammer with a freshly created silver tag wants you to think he is. Do not listen to him, of course; the matter has been referred to…powerful friends. The More You Know!

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A little bit more about the WoW job

I’m at BlizzCon (for the first time — was never able to get tickets before but WHO IS LAUGHING NOW) and we’ve just gotten through the first day. At first I thought “How can two days be enough?” Now I’m … Continue reading

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